Check out: Famous movie scenes before and after visual effects

We love movies for variety of reasons – some for their captivating plot, amazing cinematography or either awe-inspiring locations. But without technological input any movie scene can have its impact neutralized in no time.

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, they continue to amaze audience with their on-screen innovations. But have you ever wondered what actually behind the scene to make these flicks rule the box office?

Well, there is a plenty of hardwork and yes, visual effects, that gives you adventurous feel and make you remember the shot.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting behind-the-scene snaps of popular scenes in the movies.



When a swimming pool is portrayed as sea







Visual effects can also help you fill stadiums…


bhaag mikha



When film makers can’t afford a chopper… 🙂


special 26




Game of Thrones — behind the scene…

Note: we don’t mean to spoil your taste 🙂



game of thrones 2




game of thrones 3




game of thrones 4




game of thrones



When you can’t actually go to space for shooting…








It looked romantic until this behind-the-scene image came to light…from the movie Chandi Chowk


chandni chowk




Hobbit shoot at the studio


hobbit 2








If you thought Salman actually crossed front of a speeding train in Kick







The Great Gatsby with great on-screen trick


great gatbsy 2




great gatsby




From the movie Walking Dead…



walking dead



Deepika Padukone grooving in her balcony in Cocktail






‘Tiger Richard Parker’ was a toy in reality


Pi 2




A shot from Deadly Honeymoon



deadly honeymoon





Shah Rakh and his ‘safe’ stunt in Ra-One


ra one






A scene from Wizard OZ — the master editing 🙂



wizard of OZ




Another Bollywood stunt… from the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai


once upon a time





Wolf of Wall Street shot


wolf of wall street



VFX-created stadium in Goal 2


goal 2




From another blockbuster… the Avengers





Titanic … and this is just one shot





Twilight Saga: Eclipse








PK — The Bollywood blockbuster



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