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Chehlum of Bacha Khan University dead being observed today

A ceremony held at the university campus where the Quran Khwani was held and prayers were offered for eternal peace of the departed souls.

Taliban militants last month attacked Charsadda’s Bacha Khan University. Heavily armed gunmen stormed the university on Jan. 20, killing teachers and students in a rampage that left 21 dead. The attack shattered the sense of security growing in the troubled region a year after the Peshawar school massacre, in which more than 150 people, mostly students, were killed.

The university attack was claimed by a faction of Taliban headed by Umar Mansoor.

Pakistan has been fighting a homegrown Islamist insurgency since 2004, when militants displaced by the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan began a campaign against Pakistani forces in the country’s tribal areas. The level of violence has fallen since a concerted military offensive against the militant’s bases that began in 2014.



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