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Chehlum of Imam Hussain (RA) being observed across the country today

Processions and rallies are being taken out across several cities in Pakistan. Rallies will also be taken out from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and other large as well as small cities within the country. These processions will be taken out from fixed routes, before they conclude.

Stringent security measures have been taken for the rallies and processions, with police, Rangers and elite force personnel deployed to deal with any untoward situation. Routes towards the procession have also been sealed as a precautionary measure. In order to maintain law and order, pillion riding has been banned in Sindh, Quetta and Peshawar and a ban has also been imposed on displaying arms in public.

According to the Interior Secretary of Balochistan, section 144 will be imposed in seven districts during the chehlum. Section 144 has also been imposed in Peshawar and the entry of Afghan nationals has been banned into the city.



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