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Retail chemists turn down hike in drug prices

Speaking at a presser here, Ishaq Meo, chairman of Pakistan Chemist Retailers’ Association, said the unjust hike in drug prices was an evidence of the incompetence of the Drug Regulatory Authority.

“From treating headache to preventing epileptic fit, prices of all medicines were increased, while life-saving drugs completely vanished from markets” he slammed.

Meo castigated that multinational pharmaceutical companies have been selling drugs on low rates in India, but hiking prices in Pakistan, demanding the prime minister to take notice of the surge.

He said if the hike in prices was not withdrawn then chemist retailers will lead a full-fledged campaign against it and may approach court on the issue.

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Last week, six multinational pharma companies increased prices of drugs without seeking prior permission by the Drugs Regulatory Authority drawing criticism from all corners of society.



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