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CJ Jamali declines to accept gifts for being ‘too expensive’

President of Larkana Bar Association, Sarfaraz Jatoi today gifted an Arabian horse and a goat to the CJ, during his visit to Larkana.

“I will take a picture with the goat and horse and hang it on the wall of my drawing room which will remind me of this beautiful gift from Larkana Bar,” he said, while declining to keep the expensive gifts.

Jamali, who has remained to be cautious in accepting gifts, said: “Being a chief justice, it does not suit him to accept a gift worth more than Rs10,000.”

CJ returns gifts of Larkana Bar by arynews
Jamali chuckled and excused the president of Larkana Bar Association from accepting the present by saying that Jatoi had given him such a great present, but, if accepted, he would not be able to feed the animals.

During his address on the occasion, he regretted that Pakistan could not get a leadership that could steer it to prosperity and that dream of making Pakistan a welfare state remains a dream to the date.

“Unfortunately, the country remained under martial law for 30 years and legislation was made for the sake of personal interests,” he said adding that no institution in the country has been able to fulfill its responsibilities and then the judges are blamed for all the failure.



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