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CJP vows to continue taking suo motu notices despite criticism

ISLAMABAD: Shrugging off the criticism of him for frequently using suo motu powers, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Friday vowed to continue taking suo motu notices over matters of public interest.  

While hearing a case, the top adjudicator reiterated that he took suo motu notices over the issues involving violation of basic human rights such as provision of clean water, education and healthcare facilities. “No work is done unless I take suo motu notice,” he added.

The chief justice said he ensured return of Rs10 million to students of a private college by taking a suo motu notice. He said he doesn’t care a fig for criticism.

He said he takes notices for the sake of public welfare. There was no MRI machine in Quetta, is this good governance, he asked.

Justice Nisar said even protests were held against him, but he will continue working for the welfare of people.

Earlier, the chief justice had said he failed to comprehend why judges take four years to decide even civil cases.

“I acknowledge that we don’t have the right to amend the obsolete laws of British rule,” he said, asked the judges to dispense fair justice using the laws in hand.

He said they knew that they didn’t have required resources and neither was the government extending cooperation as such.

“The time has come to put our house in order. If we don’t do so, what we will have to say when called to account before Almighty Allah.”

He said he had been vehemently feeling that judges were not utilizing their capabilities to the fullest. “We are not ordinary adjudicators. We too have to take care of the future of the nation.”



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