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Chief Minister Punjab constitutes committee on ‘Basant’

According to a notification issued by the Chief Minister House Punjab, an eight-member committee would look into the possibilities of making safe and foolproof arrangements to celebrate Basant in the city.

Other members of the committee include convener Rana Mashud, CCPO, Commissioner DCO, Old City Authority, Kite Flight Association members and Yousuf Salahuddin, the grandson of Allama Iqbal.

The committee would formulate proposals for securely celebrating the kite festival this year in the Walled City with major emphasis on the tourist aspect of it.

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The notification said that the committee was bound to design such a code of conduct during Basant, which ensures the safety of human life and property.

The committee was also given orders to table its proposals within two weeks so that its implementation would be made possible at the earliest well before the start of Basant, the notification added.

Basant is one of the most colourful and celebrated festivals in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab. However, after a rise in the number of deaths due to chemicalised twine, the provincial government had banned the kite festival in Punjab a couple of years back.

Motorcyclists were more vulnerable to injuries and most of the times even deaths while speeding through narrow lanes of the Walled City. Twines reportedly laced with glass and metal would slit throats as they sped through.



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