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Child Abuse Case: Dr Muneel given on 3 days physical remand

KARACHI: A district court has handed over Dr Muneel on a 3 day physical remand to the police, who had allegedly thrown down his errand boy aged 10 from the window of his apartment at 6th floor of a building – ARY News reports.

According to details, Dr Muneel Kumar was presented before the Judicial Magistrate District South earlier today. The court handed him over to the police on a 3 day physical remand.

Police officials told that the victimized boy named Hareesh had stated to the police that his employer Dr Muneel after thrashing him severely threw out from the window of his apartment.

Meanwhile, the doctors stated that if Hareesh had been thrown from 6th floor, he had fallen facedown and had received severe injuries. He had also got several bones fractured; however Hareesh is having minor wounds on the back side of his head and on his right leg.

Yesterday, Dr Muneel's wife had told police that Hareesh had stolen some amount from her house, which he confessed. She claimed to have a video evidence of the boy's confession.

Muneel's wife told that they had locked Hareesh in a room and he got injured in a bid to escape from there.



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