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Another mother gives birth to child outside Lahore hospital

LAHORE: Another mother has been forced to give birth to her child outside a hospital within last three days in the stronghold of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) in Punjab, ARY News reported.

A woman was on Friday forced to labour and give birth to her child outside emergency ward of Ganga Ram Hospital in Lahore for the reasons still unknown.

Taking notice of the incident, the CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif sacked director emergency ward of Ganga Ram Hospital and formed a committee to investigate the matter.

Provincial Health Minister Salman Rafique also visited the hospital to look into the matter.

Earlier, three days ago a woman gave birth to a baby girl outside Raiwand Hospital.

‘Against the advice of doctor’

The Punjab government in a statement claimed that the patient was admitted in the hospital. However, she went to canteen against the advice of the doctor and delivered the baby in the hospital canteen.

“However, she was immediately shifted back and given required medical assistance. Both mother and child are fine now,” read the statement.

The Punjab government said: “It is unfortunate to see media acting irresponsibly and reporting a news without knowing the facts. Media should investigate the matter before running a story as it not only undermined the govt but also the institute and staff competency.”



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