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Chile to give away free energy to citizens

We, the people of Pakistan suffering shortage of electricity with ever increasing power rates, while the lucky people of Chile getting free electricity thanks to the country’s positive approach towards the renewable energy.

According to a media report, the country is now generating more electricity from the sun than it can use, and spot prices on solar electricity have dropped to zero for 113 days of the year. This meant that the country might soon have to give away days of free solar power, even if it doesn’t bode well for the investors and owners of solar power plants.

The country’s power grids are now fed with 100% clean solar energy from 29 solar farms, and 15 are reportedly planned.

The nation has two grids, and plans to link the two grids with a 3,000 kilometer (1,865 mile) transmission line by 2017. For the time being, the northern part of the central grid enjoys power surpluses, which have driven prices to zero.

Chile is Latin America’s biggest renewable energy producer, and solar capacity quadrupling from 2013 to 770 megawatts. And for those lucky to be served by a grid sourcing surplus electricity, there’s over half a year’s worth of free electricity to be sourced.



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