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China proposed to launch disease free cattle districts in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: China has proposed Pakistan to launch foot and mouth disease-free zones in Pakistan in order to provide right of entry for meat exports to the market.

Presently, Pakistan do not have any direct right of entry for its meat and meat products in the Chinese market, due to stringent health and safety standards.

However, Middle East is an enormous market for meat exports from Pakistan, but foot and mouth disease can be fatal for the cattle and sheep which can affect the economy on greater extent.

It is observed that the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSR) is said to be operational in corporation with provincial governments so as to eradicate the disease in Pakistan. Also, in this matter, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is presenting technical assistance.

The Pakistan’s meat exports are not demonstrating their proper potential, as a good number exporters mainly focus on Middle Eastern markets.

According to data, meat and meat preparation exports to overseas market elevated by almost 2.26% to $225.646 million in the preceding FY18.

The officials stated that Pakistani delegation is at the moment visiting China and it is predicted that they will somehow get admission to the Chinese market.

Furthermore, China has already showed their interest to give market access for the export of meat and its products from Pakistan, by launching foot and mouth disease-free zones. And, this plan of China has already received appreciation from the provincial government in order to establish disease-free zones, so as to cater huge export market.



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