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‘Where’s Kashmir?’, ask Indians on Twitter — after China’s state-owned TV shows truncated India map

Whilst Prime Minister Narendra Modi undergoes an important visit to neighbouring China, Indian twitterati seemingly fumed at the China Central Television’s (CCTV) airing of an India map. The map shown by state owned Chinese Central TV or CCTV — shows a truncated India without Kashmir. The map shows India with no India — ironic given that it has fought a war with China over the region and its border dispute with Beijing has historically been a sore point in their bilateral relations. Major Indian media outlets such as India Today and NDTV did separate reports on what they said was a slight since the map was shown by China’s state-owned TV and that it happened on the first day of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in China today to start his three-day visit to the most populated country in the world. Important business deals worth billions of dollars are expected to be reached between the two neighbors, however relations are still strained over a long-running border dispute.




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