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‘Save dad first’: Chinese boy eats five meals a day to save father’s life

An eleven-year-old boy, Lu Zikuan, is take at least five meals a day to save his father’s life who is suffering from leukaemia and nees a bone marrow transplant.

Lu Zikuan belongs to Xinxiang in China is the only match within his family who needs to put on weight for undergoing the procedure by the doctors.

Physicians consulted that the boy should weighed at least 45 kilogram (seven stone) before donating his bone marrow, however, the ideal weight is 50 kilogram.

Currently, the boy’s weight is only 30 kilogram and taking fatty meat with rice which raises his weight up to 43 kilogram so far, Sky News reported.

Lu Yanheng, the boy’s father, was diagnosed with the disease seven years ago, is being treated with medication. The patient needs a blood transfusion while physicians prescribed him bone marrow transplant as the only long-term option for his health recovery.

Zikuan’s mother relies on discounted meat from the grocery store she works at. Zhao Meng-meng, the boy’s teacher told media that some of Zikuan’s classmates called him pangzi (fat) but they stopped delivering such remarks when they get aware of the reason behind it.

The boy said that he was not angry about being called fat. The courageous boy added, “Save dad first, lose weight later.

According to the report, Zikuan’s school is fundraising to help his family and his story clicked hearts of many at social media. Kongwei Wizard said he was shouldering a “great responsibility at such a young age”, adding: “You are amazing.”



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