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Chris Gayle’s humorous birthday wish to Ahmed Shahzad

The dashing player Gayle tweeted Shahzad a happy birthday wish and wrote in the end “…have a great bday brother, from another mother”

Ahmed Shahzad, apparently ignored the concluding part, and thanked Gayle for the wish.

The conversation didn’t cease here. Shahzad asked when next he could visit the Triple Century – a restaurant owned by Chris Gayle in West Indies.

This drew a reply from Gayle implying conditional fulfillment of Shahzad’s wish if he makes it to the Caribbean Premier League.

The banter still not lost its charm. The Pakistani player put an emoticon of a dancing girl and mildly teased him saying “whether your replies suggest there would be ladies (without naming them)…”

Gayle was so straightforward with his next reply: “…Can’t live without ladies. More women come to Triple Century than men…”

Earlier, the Caribbean cricket star also said “Inshallah” to compliments from Shahzad.



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