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Pakistan’s first Christian advocate general appointed in Sindh

KARACHI: In a historic move, the provincial government of Sindh has appointed Salman Talibuddin, a member of the Christian community, as Advocate General of the province.

“Salman Talibuddin was appointed as Advocate General Sindh on the terms and conditions as admissible under the rules with immediate effect,” read the notification of his appointment.

The post fell vacant in June when then advo­cate general Zameer Ghumro resigned.

Senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Senator Sherry Rehman lauded the appointment, emphasizing it as an instance of her party’s position on empowering minorities.

Christian advocate general Salman Talibuddin Sindh

It’s not the first time Sindh government gave a significant representation to minority members in the provincial cadre.

In July this year, a woman belonging to Sheedi ethnic group beceme first such female to make her way into the Sindh Assembly.

Tanzeela Qambrani belongs to Pakistan People’s Party and has been elected on reserved seat for women on the PPP ticket.

The PPP had previously nominated her to head the municipal committee in Matli in Badin district, which, was opposed by some influential group in the district.

Tanzeela Qambrani: First Sheedi woman to become member of Sindh Assembly

A PPP member with a clout in the area went against the party decision and competed for the chairman’s post as an independent member. He got support of some other members and got elected eventually.

Tanzeela’s father was a lawyer and mother got retired as a school headmistress.

Sheedis are the descendants of Africans who brought to the shores of the subcontinent centuries ago. They rose to lofty positions as generals and leaders during the Mughal Empire, which ruled swathes of South Asia.

But, actively discriminated against during British rule, their traditions began to fade, and they found themselves wholly shunned when Pakistan was created in 1947, absent from the country’s elite political circles.




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