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Christian Bale to quit bike racing for his wife

Hollywood actor Christian Bale is giving up racing motorbikes to please his wife Sibi Blazic. If rumors are to be believed the tragic death of ‘Fast and Furious' star Paul Walker in a car accident, prompted Blazic to request Bale to quit racing. “Sibi has always had a problem with Christian's love of fast bikes. She stopped him from riding them on the streets shortly after the birth of [their daughter] Emmaline, eight years ago. Since then, Christian has limited his riding to the race track under very controlled conditions,'' a source revealed media. “Sibi doesn't want Christian racing at all, and that's going to be a real struggle for him … As tough as it is for him, Christian is going to quit racing for her. She rules the household and his attitude is, she's the boss.'' The 'American Hustle' star has earlier revealed in an interview that he gets a thrill out of riding two-wheelers and he has a penchant for racing bikes. 'It's hypnotizing. It looks simple, but you try it and you learn the nuances and you come to appreciate it incredibly,' Bale told media. 'I love it, but I'm kinda — I've had a lot of falls.' Bale reportedly sliced off the top of his index finger in a dirt bike accident in 2009 and suffered an arm injury in another accident in 2012.



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