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Senior FIFA official admits to taking bribes for World Cup votes

“Among other things, I agreed with other persons in or around 1992 to facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for the 1998 World Cup,” Mr. Blazer told Judge Raymond J. Dearie when he entered his plea in 2013 in United States District Court in Brooklyn.

Other investigation documents had also brought to surface the fact that Morocco’s bidding committee had bribed Chuck Blazer. Yet eventually, the rights to host the football World Cup in 1998 went to France. Blazer had also admitted to other allegations as well. “I and others on the FIFA executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the selection of South Africa as the host nation for the 2010 World Cup,” he had admitted.

Although denied by Mr.Blazer’s lawyer, security officials stated that as a cooperating witness, he had been recording conversations of the key officials. Chuck Blazer is currently 70 years old and hospitalized on account of poor health. If he is the central witness in the whole FIFA scandal, it can make things complex for the prosecutors.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter had resigned after a US prosecution had indicted 14 people on charges of racketeering and money laundering.



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