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WATCH: Huge chunk of a cliff suddenly collapses on island

MADRID: In a terrifying incident, a gigantic piece of a cliff suddenly crashed onto a beach just feet away from holiday caravans in the Canary Islands, Spain.

According to the details, one person received injuries in the incident while five other people were isolated following the landslide.


 The incident left the picnickers horrified and prompted emergency search and rescue operations.

In the video that went viral on social media, a huge part of the cliff can be seen crashing into the sea. Following the incident, two rescue helicopters were dispatched to the site of the collapse, that evacuated the people from the area.

Taking to social networking website, Twitter, President of the Canary Islands Angel Victor Torres warned people from going near the area. He said, “Although it seems stabilized, there are cracks, so the risk of repetition exists.”

No causality was reported in the incident, claimed the Ministry of Public Administrations, Justice and Security of the government of the Canary Islands.



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