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'Cinderella' fits into top US box office spot

The Disney movie, featuring Lily James as enchanted princess Ella and Cate Blanchett as her cruel stepmother, took in $70 million.

Part of the draw for the critically well-received film was an animated short “Frozen Fever” that was shown with the film, a five minute add-on to another Disney princess smash-hit “Frozen.”

Action flick “Run the Night,” featuring grizzled tough-guy Liam Neeson playing a hit man going up against the mob to protect a son, took second on the charts hauling in an estimated $11 million in its debut weekend.

British spy comedy “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” dropped in sales but moved up a spot in its fourth week in theatres taking in $6.2 million for the third box office spot.

“Focus,” a con-artist flick featuring Will Smith as a crook who takes on a protege played by Margot Robbie had just over 5.8 million in estimated ticket sales for the fourth spot on the chart.

Artificial intelligence thriller “Chappie” had a long fall from its top-spot debut last week, taking in $5.8 million for fourth place despite a $13.3 million showing last week.

Sequel “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” featuring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Richard Gere, pulled in $5.7 million for the sixth spot.

“The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water,” remained a presence on the box office charts, taking in $4.1 million in ticket sales in its fifth week on the charts for a total of $154.7 million.

Kevin Costner sport drama “McFarland, USA” the story of a small-town cross country team made up of immigrant students was eighth on the charts with $3.7 million in estimated sales.

Long-running hit “American Sniper” charged back into the top 10 box office films taking in $2.9 million in its eleventh week in theatres. This weekend’s haul added more sales to the biggest hit of 2014, taking in $341.5 million overall.

“The Lazarus Effect,” about medical students who discover a way to bring people back to life took the tenth spot with $2.82 million in sales. -AFP



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