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Citizens catch three female child abductors in Sargodha

The residents have handed over the female child abductors to City police station officials.

This should be noted that incidents of child abduction are on the rise in Lahore which has triggered panic across Punjab. However, police could not make any breakthrough so far to stop this heinous crime.

Residents of the area said they repeatedly made calls at police helpline after catching the abductors, but police did not turn up after which three of them managed to run away with the help of their male abettors.

Sources said the women had been active for some time in guise of beggars. While begging, the women used to kidnap children and send them out of city.

The incidents of child abductions have registered a steep rise in the provincial capital of Punjab with a number of such kidnappings reaching around 300 in first seven months of the following year.




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