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Citizens suffer as KE holds SSGC responsible for unannounced power outages

In a statement issued here, the KE Spokesperson said on the night of the 18th, gas pressure went to devastatingly low levels at KE’s SITE and Korangi Plants which run on gas, and due to low gas pressure and quantity from SSGC’s end, electricity  generation got affected which caused outages in some parts of the city.

“Electricity demand has also gone up and has touched 3,100 MW which is a record high for Karachi, and the rising temperature has pushed this demand up. On the other hand KE’s team has been deployed in areas where there have been reports of faults due to wire-snaps and illegal connections.”

“KE would like to apologise to those consumers who faced the brunt of outages and would like to assure them that the power utility is trying its level best to overcome these issues, especially  during the month of Ramazan”, concluded the statement.




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