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Civil disobedience: Imran publicly burns electricity bills

Addressing his workers and followers on the ‘Go Nawaz Go’ Day, Imran Khan said that his 36 days of politics up till now is more pleasing to him than his 18 years of political struggle.

While drawing the attention of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he said, “As long as you do not resign, you will have to face hardships”. He added that the government falsely said that it has admitted all the demands laid by PTI.

He slammed the government for acquiring highest loans in the history of Pakistan and inquired the rulers where these huge amounts were spent.

The PTI chairman said that today the Sharif brothers were acquitted from the illegal assets reference by a NAB court, because PM Nawaz Sharif and Opposition Leader, Khursheed Shah together had appointed their own NAB chairman. He added that soon Khursheed Shah will also be acquitted from the two references registered against him within NAB.

He vowed that PTI after coming into power will reopen these cases and the people involved in corruption will be brought before justice.

The skipper also vowed to bring the 200 billion dollars lying in Swiss banks, back to Pakistan.

The PTI chief said today the PMLN organized a rally in Peshawar, but the PTI-led KP Government neither placed any container on roads, nor it arrested the PMLN workers, however there too the people chanted ‘Go Nawaz Go’.

He urged the people to stand up if they witness anyone being oppressed, for this is part of our teachings.

Imran Khan said that poor laborers are being manhandled publicly, but there is no one to inquire about this injustice. He added that women, farmers and poor people are being ill-treated, adding, “We have gathered here [Constitution Avenue] to revamp the system of the state”.

The PTI chairman burnt his electricity bills as a civil disobedience move against the current Nawaz-government.

He said that the power tariff was increased by 80 percent in a single year and inquired the prime minister why didn’t he prevent pilferage, rather than increasing the cost of electricity.

Imran Khan inquired why should a common citizen pay additional amount to overcome the losses due power thefts.

He elaborated that nearly 28 lac ACs were purchased during the past 4 years, whereas only one lac or so users are paying the electricity bills, rest of the people have obtained illegal connections.

Moreover, the PTI chairman said, “I am burning these bills because I am not going to pay additional amount due to the ineligibility and corruption of these rulers”.



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