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Class-6 student attempts suicide in Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: A young schoolchild, Osama, of class-six in the city on Tuesday made a suicide attempt by shooting himself with a gun in the premises of his own school.

The harrowing incident happened early today in a local school situated in a neighbourhood near Disposal Road inside the premises of Satellite Town Police Station.

According to police officials Osama’s father believes that his son took the extreme step because he was upset that his mother who used to scold and beat him for not getting good numbers in exams.

He tried to shoot himself in his classroom following which he was rushed to Civil Hospital in critical condition, the police officials told the media after reaching the spot.

The tragic incident triggered an alarm for the parents who remain strict with their children, particularly young children when their guidance is more important for a child than obeying rules.

Meanwhile, the school management and its security also came under scrutiny for ignoring the student with a gun and letting him go inside the school without a proper check.

From where did the boy get the gun was another question. Osama’s fellow classmates told police that he was carrying the gun with him for the last two to three days but nobody noticed it.

As per the last information received, Osama was receiving medical treatment at the hospital while police have started an investigation into the incident.



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