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Saudi cleaner showered with gifts after ‘mocked’ for looking at gold

RIYADH: A cleaner in Saudi Arabia got a gold set in a gift after he pictures of staring at a jewelry shop display went viral and stirred internet debate.

The story began when a social media user mocked the cleaner by sharing the picture, writing “this man deserves to only look at rubbish.”

The picture went viral and many Saudi users insisted on buying the cleaner a set.



An account then published photographs of the cleaner holding the gold, reported the AlArabiya.


In a post which has been retweeted 6,500 times since Saturday, an account called “the Humanitarians” requested the assistance of Saudi Arabia’s huge Twitter community to track him down:


“Peace and God’s blessings be upon you. I beg of whoever knows this worker to get in contact with me, and we will kit him out with gold for free,” wrote a user.



The man was gifted gold set after his ‘sad photo’ went viral





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