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Climate change adversely impacting Pakistan’s economy: expert

During his speech, Naeem Ahmed Mughal Director General Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) further said that productive land is being converted into non-productive and barren land due to drastic changes in temperature, sea intrusion and erratic changes in rainfall patterns.

He also emphasized that as climate change is a cross-cutting subject therefore it requires multi-sectorial response involving different departments to play active role in its mitigation and adaptation.

Syed Amjad Hussain, Head CDM cell Climate Change Division, Government of Pakistan said that climate change is adversely impacting economy of country. He maintained that 2010 flooding alone cost Pakistan 6 per cent of GDP. He further informed that 9 out of 10 most devastating catastrophes were climate change induced in the last decade.

Nasir Ali Panhwar, General Secretary Friends of Indus Forum said that Sindh is facing various problems including rapid urbanization, overpopulation, deforestation and discharge of untreated effluents which have given rise to numerous hazards. He further said that sea intrusion, salinity, decreasing cover of forests and shrinkage of aquifers, turning fresh water bodies into brackish, deterioration of water quality are some of the imminent dangers confronting the sustainability of the Indus River.

He further said that there is a strong need for a society to act collectively for the restoration and conservation of various ecosystems depending on the Indus River.

Participants emphasized on conducting further research on impacts of climate change. They further suggested that research cells should be established at district level to collect data. They emphasized that climate is not only affecting human beings but also the biodiversity.



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