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Closure of Chaman border enters tenth day

Pakistan Rangers had closed down Pak-Afghan border crossing after the Afghan civilians disrespected Pakistani flag. They pelted stones at Bab-e-Dosti on 18th August in the presence of Afghan forces whereas pro-Indian and anti-Pakistani slogans were chanted as well.

Three flag-meetings between the border forces were held between the border forces of the two countries on the request of Afghanistan. However, they did not reach to any agreement.

Pakistan authorities have stated that the border crossing will not be reopened until Afghanistan issues an apology for disrespecting the national flag of Pakistan.

The supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan, Pak-Afghan transit along with all kinds of trade between the two countries is closed for the time being as the people on both sides are facing problems.

Long queues of cargo trucks can be seen along the border area waiting for opening of the border crossing.



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