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CM of Indian Punjab takes notice of alleged biasness in Kabaddi World Cup final

Pakistan team captain Ahmed Shafiq accused the umpires of favoring India during in the summit clash.

Pakistan skipper also said that the umpires and organizers behaved badly with them and also threatened them.

“I say we must boycott the tournament in future if India continues to play foul. Pakistan should no longer participate in the tournament. What is the use when matches are not decided on the basis of competitiveness,” he added.

Following the protest, Punjab CM took notice and directed concerned authorities to form committee and investigate the match’s results. Pakistan team’s departure has also been delayed so that investigation could be done.

Pakistan team protested after they were disallowed to drink water during the final and the match was also prematurely ended by Indian referees, Pakistan team alleged, as soon as Indian took the lead.



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