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Coast guards recover 37kg hashish, liquor in Balochistan

KARACHI: Pakistan Coast Guards on Saturday seized huge quantity of contraband items, in two separate actions in Balochistan, ARY News reported.

Detailing about the actions, the spokesperson of the PCG said, as many as 37 kilogram hashish was recovered, during a checking of a passenger van at Windar Khari check post in Balochistan.

“Five suspects were also taken into custody,” he added.

In another action at Pahore check-post near Hub, the PCG arrested a suspect after recovering 160 bottles of liquor from the vehicle, he was driving.

On December 25, Pakistan Coast Guards had foiled a bid to smuggle 75 kilogram crystal methamphetamine (ice) and apprehended a suspect in Balochistan.

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The officials of PCG, on a tip-off, conducted raid at a vehicle on Shah Jahan Road and seized 75 kg crystal ice and took a suspect into custody.

The spokesperson said that the recovered ice is said to be worth $0.6 million in international market.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating the suspect for further information and conducting raids to arrest his accomplices, he concluded.



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