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Artist makes cocaine snorting Oscar statue!

L.A street artist Plastic Jesus claimed credit for the act. The reason for making this peculiar statue, according to him, was to raise awareness regarding the widespread influence of cocaine in Hollywood. Complaining to the press about how cocaine addiction is not taken seriously, Plastic Jesus elaborated that the only time this drug menace is highlighted, is when a prominent Hollywood personality succumbs to it. Speaking to the daily news, this was what the talented artist had to say. “We’re deluded if we’re saying that cocaine isn’t a major part of Hollywood and almost every other city in the world,” he said. “A lot of people will sit down and watch the Oscar show this Sunday and then go and indulge in cocaine.”

The interesting piece of art is the statue of an Oscar, down on his hands and knees snorting cocaine using a rolled up $100 bill. An American Express card lies nearby. The statue is wittingly titled ‘America’s Best Party.’ The artwork drew interest and attention when it was placed on Thursday at 9am but was removed by 2pm from the scene after an elderly man complained against it. The artist proudly owns the act and says that the act was meant to cause controversy. “I want to cause controversy about the issue. But I don’t want to cause controversy about the placement,” he said. “I didn’t want a confrontation. The piece is out there. People have posted it. It got enough publicity to get people to think.”

Plastic Jesus used fiber glass to make the statue and depicted the cocaine with crushed aspirin. The artist has moved the statue back to his studio in L.A, but will display it again at Melrose Avenue on Saturday.

Last year, Philip Seymour Hoffman, after struggling several years with cocaine addiction, died on February 2nd, 2014. Following the tragic cause of death (heroin and cocaine) Plastic Jesus showcased an Oscar statue injecting the deadly drug. Other famous celebrities who rushed to an early demise due to drug overdose are Heith Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley.

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There’s no harm in raising awareness through art. Let’s hope the magnificent artwork spreads awareness. After all, we don’t want to lose some of the most talented people on the planet so soon!





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