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Cockpit video shows what pilots really see when they’re landing a plane in clouds

IF you’re scared of flying, or perhaps get a little nervous during turbulence — this view from a pilot’s seat might make you feel a little uneasy.

A Qatar Airways pilot has posted a stunning point-of-view clip from the cockpit, showing the incredible sight — or lack thereof — when landing a plane on a runway.

Captain Sandeep Varma posted the stunning two-minute clip to Twitter, after landing safely at Queenstown Airport on the South Island of New Zealand.

The video shows a clear run through the snow capped mountains, until he hits cloud cover, removing his visibility completely and forcing him to rely on the plane’s computer navigation systems.

As he dips beneath the clouds, Captain Varma’s visibility turns white for at least 30 seconds, before he re-emerges from the cover to clear skies ahead of the runway.

The post received hundreds of comments on the “beautiful” and “surreal” landing, while others said the clip looked “bloody terrifying”.

“I’ve flown through those southern alps in New Zealand and it wasn’t as tranquil as that … most frightening experience in a plane,” one person wrote.

“Wow. Beautifully frightening,” another added.

And a third person joked: “I had to close my eyes and I was only watching it on my phone!”

The clip, titled “This is what the pilot sees and the passengers do not see”, has received more than 39k likes and 29k retweets since being uploaded on Friday.



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