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Comedy Central to roast Justin Beiber!

For those of you who are not fully aware as to what a roast actually is, let us do the explaining. A roast is a gathering in which a guest-of-honor is made the butt of good-natured jokes. The guest-of-honor is referred to as the roastee whereas those who ridicule the roastee are known as roasters. The roast is usually hosted by a person, who is referred to as the roastmaster.
Beiber’s antics over the last couple of years including underage drinking, pelting his neighor’s house with eggs and resisting arrest, will certainly provide for a lot of ugly jokes at his expense. The boy star’s image, who is an international singing sensation, plummeted from boy-next-door to ‘party animal’. His relationship with songstress Selena Gomez will also be exploited by the roasters, most probably.
Beiber has had unprecedented success with his singing career. The pop singer was the first musician who had seven songs of his charted at Billboard Hot 100 from a debut album. He was thrice listed on Forbes under the category of Top Ten Celebrities in the world. Beiber likes to refer to his loyal global fan following as Beliebers and has an impressive 40 million fans on Twitter. The twenty-year old was discovered through a Youtube video he had made by his current manager Scott Braun, way back in 2007. Beiber was mentored by American singer Usher.
Comedy central has been known for its nefarious as well as outrageously-funny roasts. It has previously hosted and roasted the likes of Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, Bob Saget, Donald Trump and actor James Franco. Let’s hope Beiber takes all the jokes in good spirit and does not resort to egging the roasters like he did with his neighbor’s house!



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