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'Commandant Sihala Police Academy accused of immoral activities'

Sources told that the trainee female officers at the academy were sent to some ‘guest houses’ on pretext of ‘holiday’. Some trainee officials have also accused the commandant of his involvement in immoral activities.

On the other hand, the government is trying to cover-up the matter, while it also removed SP Maria – officer who was probing the matter – and charged a close aide of the commandant, SP Ali Mohsin with the responsibility to investigate further.

SP Maria had confirmed that female trainees were taken to guest houses.

It was further said that the deputy commandant of the academy is also being pressed to obscure the scandal, while an influential government figure is also active for saving the commandant.

The IG Punjab has sent off the Additional IG Nassem uz Zaman to Rawalpindi for looking into the matter and to present an inquiry report to him.

He vowed that whoever will be found guilty, in the light of the inquiry report, will not be spared.

Here it is pertinent to note that the commandant of the Sihala Police Academy has also faced inquiry over corruption worth of several million rupees in Lahore and Multan, yet the influential cop is always pulled out unscathed due to political patronage.



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