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‘Compulsive liar’ can’t be a national leader, bursts out PM

KAHUTA, Rawalpindi: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has fired broadsides at his political opponents, saying a man habitual of compulsive lying to the masses can’t be their true national leader, ARY News reported.

In an indirect reference to PTI and its chairman Imran Khan, Mr. Sharif told a large gathering here in Kahuta that “We are not going to be afraid of anyone.”

He mocked at his detractors stating “what they used to claim and what actually it turned to be.”

PM Sharif said the government-led initiatives for national security had broken the back of terrorism.

He also made several announcements including provision of gas to Kahuta, transformation Tehsil Headquarters Hospital into state-of-the-art facility and construction of bridge between Rawalpindi and Kahuta. He also promised to provide free-of-charge medical facility to the poor.

“I have seen load-shedding of 16 hours a day just three years ago, which has now been eradicated,” he claimed.

The prime minister was of the view that the government had weaken the terrorist network in the country.

Sharif said the performance of the government in last three and a half year was before everyone.

He asked why motorways, roads and other development initiatives weren’t taken during tenure of the previous governments.

He claimed that railway and PIA had become stabilized. He said what was his crime that sent him behind bars for 14 months.



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