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Contradictory statements turn Shikarpur blast victim into suspect

SUKKUR: An injured victim of the Shikarpur Imambargah attack was arrested from Civil Hospital Sukkur, ARY News reported on Thursday.

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Ghulam Abbas got injured in the blast at Karbala Maula Imambargah (Shiite Mosque) last Friday and was arrested by police due to his suspicious behavior and contradictory round of statements.

Hospital sources claimed that Abbas is under treatment for a fracture in his leg but the injured victim of the blast provided different information about him at different times.

At first he said that he is from Qasoor, then changed it to Bahawalpur and maintained that he was in Sukkur to visit Pir Sadrudding Bashah’s shrine in Sukkur.

Police sources say that the victim’s statement is suspicious and ‘unintelligible’ as to why he travelled 100 kilometers to Shikarpur to offer Friday prayers at the Imambargah for there are around 30 Shiite Mosques in the vicinity of the Pir Sadruddin shrine.

The constant change in statements led to Abbas’s arrest with his wife. The suspect’s wife is reportedly from Bagri tribe.

Sindh police earlier arrested seven more suspects of the deadly attack on Karbala Maula Imambargah in Shikarpur district of Sindh killing more than 60 people sending shock waves across the country on January 30, 2015.

The injured were brought for treatment in different cities including Karachi and Sukkur.

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Contradictory statements turn Shikarpur blast victim into suspect

by Anees Hanif