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‘Objectionable’ scene from Brett Lee’s Bollywood movie chopped off

Lee will star opposite gorgeous Tannishtha Chatterjee, but one of the scenes of the movie has been chopped by the Board from 68 seconds to 26 seconds, and even the director Anupam Sharma’s request to the Board to insert a line declaring that “the scene has been modified for the Indian audience” has been rejected.

According to SpotBoye, Anupam had to adhere to the Board’s diktat that the “sideways visual and end climactic shot” of the sex scene has to be eliminated and “not be synchronised with mantra chanting”.


The sequence involves Tannishtha making passionate love to Lee, and Om Shreem Hreem mantras being chanted in the background.

bret 4

Meanwhile, Anupam, has got a U/A certificate from the Pahlaj Nihalani led Censor Board for his film and gone back to Australia extremely disappointed.

bret 2

UnIndian is about an Indian single mother living in Australia who causes a scandal in her family when she falls in love with a white man. The film was shot in Sydney.

bret 6

All said and done, Anupam and the film’s producer Krian Pictures feel that the scene has ended up being extremely diluted as they had no option but to not pursue the fight with the Censors since they want to meet their deadline of the worldwide release on August 19. “They will try to retain the scene in most countries, but it will again depend on the local censors. However, the scene will be seen in full in the theatres in the US where there is a Rating System.”



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