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Conventional politicians afraid of me, claims Imran Khan

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief, Imran Khan has claimed, "conventional politicians are afraid of me, at times they call me Taliban Khan while on others they declare me a part of Jewish lobby, but I will continue with my mission anyhow" – ARY News reports.

Addressing a Christmas ceremony at a church here on Monday, the PTI Chairman said that everywhere in the state injustices are being carried out and the current Government has introduced such policies that the poor is getting poorer and ones who are already rich getting richer.

He claimed that PTI will follow the guiding principles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the rights of the minorities and will grant basic rights to all the individuals.

Commenting on terrorism and the option of military action, Khan said that operation is not a solution to our issues and if peace is to be restored, then negotiations is the only way out.



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