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Cops save the day after a little boy was robbed selling lemonade

BROOKLYN: A boy belonging from the State of New York set up a lemonade stand to earn some extra buck he sat outside under the sun and after longs hours of hard work he finally was able to earn $20 from his lemonade venture.

Happy with his achievement little did Gracen aged 9,  know that he was about to be robbed of his hard earned money by two junior high kids rode their bicycles past his stand and stole the money out of his cup.

Gracen’s dad, Mark, told the local radio station

“Two junior high kids on bikes drove by his stand and stole $20 out of his cup. Gracen called me up and asked me if he should call the police, and I said that he probably shouldn’t bother them, but I did pray for him over the phone using the verse from Proverbs 6:31 that says whatever the thief steals, he has to pay back sevenfold.”

“Later I called him back and told him to go ahead and call the police that if they weren’t busy maybe they would help him out. When I got home there were two Brooklyn Park police cars on the street in front of his lemonade stand and the nice lady officer told him she was going to replace his $20, and she said, “but I want Dad to hold on to it, ” so she gave it to me to hold for him.

“After that, a third police car showed up, and that officer asked for 4 cups of lemonade and gave him $5. By the end of the day, he had $50 because of the officers.”

The next day, another officer stopped by for lemonade. Mark’s wife was stunned by the officers’ heartfelt response.

In return, Gracen plans to bring cookies and a thank-you note to the department.



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