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Corrupt people of NADRA, ECP manipulate polling results, says Imran

“The incumbent government has failed to end corruption and electricity shortfall. Corrupt people have captured our society. They are holding posts in ECP and NADRA. We do not have to bow in front of corrupt people,” he said while addressing people in Palandri, Azad Kashmir.

He said we would change history of the world and fight for our rights. People who fought for freedom and truth attained higher position. He said he transformed his life by reading Allama Iqbal as he was inspired by his ideology.

Citing example of human rights activist Nelson Mandela, he said Mandela fought for right of people. He spent 27 years in jail but did not back off from his stance.

“System would change with devolution of powers. We are not slaves to our rulers. We enjoy equal citizenry rights,” he said.

Imran Khan said the Pakistan Muslim League-N government had increased electricity price by 80 percent. Meanwhile, Punjab police has been ruined through recruitment on the basis of nepotism.




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