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Corrupt rulers responsible for downfall of a progressing Pakistan: Imran Khan

Imran Khan repeated his party’s resolve by saying that he and protestors will not move until the PM who got his post on a fake mandate resigns.

Talking about Pakistan’s economic advancement in the past, Khan said PIA was 2nd best airline 45 years ago but the rulers brought Pakistan to downfall gradually by their corrupt practices.

Imran Khan challenged the political opponent Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) by saying that PTI would not object if Maulana wants a vote recount in Dera Ismail Khan’s by-poll.

“Hold re-election if you have doubts over the DI Khan by-poll”, Khan said while challenging Fazlur Rehman.

While congratulating the crowd for being there on the 27tth day, he claimed that the Pakistani nation has awakened and that no force can stop the ‘change’ now.

“We will no longer accept the occupation group, no one can defeat someone who doesn’t accept defeat”, he said.

Emphasizing the need to learn from the past, Khan said “I was kicked out of the cricket team initially but I learnt from my mistakes for three years and applied again…I trained along with continuing my regular studies”.

PTI chief claimed he is the “first politician who didn’t come out of army’s nursery”, adding that he achieved the political success due to his own struggle.

Khan took a jab at Speaker of National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq by saying that if he has won the election fair and square, why is he hiding behind court’s stay order.


About his party’s performance in KPK. Khan said that Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri is still waiting for a proper F.I.R of Model Town tragedy, while in KPK we have an online FIR registration facility.

PTI chief added that none can claim a single politically motivated recruitment in KPK Police adding that soon, KPK will surpass all provinces in development.

It must be remembered that PTI is staging a sit-in against Pakistan’s present government accusing them of winning the 2013 elections through rigging and demanding PM’s resignation.



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