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Anti-corruption dept. begins formal inquiry against Director Education Karachi

A corruption inquiry has formally been initiated against Director Elementary and Secondary Education Hamid Karim Karachi on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Department of anti-corruption sought all documents and records from the individual to find any descrepancies in the records.

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Hamid Karim is being probed over serious corruption allegations and claims of him misusing and abusing his powers.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar earlier in the day terminated 20 employees of a medical and dental college in the metropolis.

According to details, the officers were sacked on the suggestion of the inquiry committee probing the institute on corruption and misuse of power allegations.

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Those that have been dismissed include officers ranking from grade 1 till 16.

A circular has been issued notifying the staff of the development whereas a chargesheet against those detained will soon be presented.



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