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WATCH: You can now convert any helmet into a smart helmet

Want a Smart Helmet?  

Meet Cosmo Connected

It is the first helmet accessory,  a backlight that can save your life.

The detachable rear brake light helmet accessory with emergency responder alerts to improve the physical safety of riders.

Chairman and Co-Founder Cosmo Connected Romain said, “Our objective is to allow the motorcyclists to feel more pleasure and freedom on the road by increasing their level of safety.”

The device detects that the driver fell and alerts the emergency services and the other persons whose contacts are fed in the device.

“We want to make sure you are protected and taken care of incase of an accident. Thanks to Cosmo’s integrated App, emergency responders are notified seconds after your helmet hits the ground with your medical history and emergency contacts included. Cosmo is here to put you, your family & friends at ease, while you conquer the open road,” says Kickstarter, a public-benefit corporation that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity.

Here are some prominent features of the device:

Rear Brake Light: Shines bright red to indicate the deceleration of a motorcycle driver.

Advanced Accelerometer & Gyrometer: Its state-of-the-art accelerometer and gyrometer technology is extremely accurate and will ensure quick readings.

Smartphone Integrated App: The Cosmo smartphone app will automatically notify emergency responders as well as your preselected contacts when an accident is detected.

When you decelerate, Cosmo lights up red, warning anyone behind you that you are coming to a stop or you are slowing down. This allows riders to be more visible in all weather conditions.

The Cosmo flashes red in warning mode, notifying those on the road that you are there and you need help. If you happen to fall or get into an accident and your helmet hits the ground, Cosmo automatically starts blinking red.

Cosmo is equipped with a 900mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, which offers an autonomy of 5h to 8h of continuous use and 5 to 7 days of standby. Cosmo can be charged using the supplied micro-USB cable.

The Cosmo Connected accessory can be used in a variety of different situations: biking, skiing, horseback riding, extreme sports.



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