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Costa Rican President swallows a wasp during press briefing, video goes viral

SAN JOSE: President of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera had an unusual guest hindering his speech — a wasp! And the hindrance ended tragically after the president swallowed it live.

Yes, during a live press briefing a wasp flew at the president and he accidentally swallowed the insect. Smiling all for the camera, he kept answering and then took a sip of water to gulp it down. Ewww!

“I ate it, I ate the wasp!” Solís exclaimed, before bursting out laughing along with media personnel. “You don’t see that every day… they’re going to send it to CNN, pure protein!” the president laughed as he was handed a bottle of water by a member of his team.

Well, though it happened in a fraction of a second, people and cameramen did not miss the wasp going down the president’s throat.



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