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Couple arrested for beating housemaid to death

According to details, the awful incident took place in Shadman Colony area of Faisalabad. Maria, 12, daughter of a poor laborer, Rizwan was employed at the house of Zaeem Shah for one-and a half years at an insufficient Rs 2000 per month’s salary.

On Tuesday night, Zaeem Shah and his wife Zainab thrashed the two maids savagely after they had mistakenly burnt the clothes while ironing.

Poor Maria got both of her arms fractured due to the inhumane torture of her employers and could not sustain gruesome injuries; however the eight-years-old Safia received minor wounds and was shifted to a hospital.

The accused couple informed the father of the maid that she had died of fever and fled their home, yet the police apprehended them from Sargodha Road.

Relatives of the deceased maid while protesting outside Zaeem’s house broke down the gate and pelted stones at his vehicle.



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