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WATCH: Couple finds alligator lurking in garage

FLORIDA: In a terrifying incident, a couple found a seven-foot-long alligator lurking in their garage in Florida.

Torrie Heathcoat said her family had just gotten home to Fort Myers after a trip to Maine when her husband, Andy, make a quick run to the gas station and left the garage door open while he was gone.

The woman said she didn’t believe Andy when he returned home and told her there was a large gator in the garage. She said, “I thought he was kidding. When I open the door it was literally on the other side of the door.”

“Now I’m terrified that there will be one under my car. I don’t know if it came from the lake, I don’t know if it came from the reserve,” Heathcoat told WPTV.

She called 911 and posted a photo of the scene to Facebook while waiting for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to respond.

The wildlife officials said that the gator was safely relocated to a suitable habitat in North Fort Myers.



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