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WATCH: Couple moves into 3D-printed house

AMSTERDAM: In a surprising incident, a senior Dutch couple has become Europe’s first inhabitants of a fully 3D-printed house that was made just in five days.          

According to the details, Elize Lutz, 70 and Harrie Dekker, 67, rented the two-bedroom bungalow in Eindhoven for $960 a month.


The outside of the 94-square metre house has an off-white look but the insides are well designed and look like the perfect space for a small family.

In a video, the husband demonstrates how they access the house. He just taps his phone and the front door opens to let them in.

“It’s a form that’s unusual, and when I saw it for the first time, it reminds me of something you knew when you were young,” said Elize.

The home is made of several layers of concrete, with 24 elements printed by a machine It is able to create layer upon layer in order to give it a ribbed texture, Times Now News reported.

According to experts, the concrete used has the consistency of toothpaste and it’s strong enough to hold everything together, just like any other construction.



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