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Poverty-stricken couple ‘sells’ newborn to hospital in India

In a shocking incident, a hospital bought a newborn baby boy from a poverty-stricken Dalit couple after it failed to pay medical bills worth Rs 35,000 in India.

According to the details, Babita, 36, underwent a surgery to deliver a baby boy at the hospital in Agra. The operation and medicines cost Rs35,000. Her husband, Shiva Charan,45, a rickshaw puller by profession did not have the money to pay the medical bills.

The couple alleged that when they informed the hospital about the situation, the administration forced them to sell their baby for Rs1 lakh to settle the bill.

On the other hand, the hospital dismissed the allegations saying that the baby boy had not been bought but given up by the couple for adoption.

The administration said,” These claims are wrong. We did not force him to give up his child. He did so of his own accord and we have a copy of the written agreement signed by the parents .

Shiva said, ” My wife and I cannot read or write. We gave thumb impression on all the documents, as the hospital asked. I did not get discharge papers, bills or any other papers.”

The couple demanded of the government to provide them justice.



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