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Court adjourns hearing over Arshad Malik video’s forensic audit appeal

ISLAMABAD: Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik’s removal proceedings began today (Monday) acting on the request filed earlier in the court of law in reference of the ‘video leak’ controversy, ARY News reported.

The complainant Mir Aurangzeb argued his own case in the court against the judge.

The Federal Government’s registrar of the Islamabad High Court and Judge of the Accountability court have been named in the appeal filed.

The plea demands a forensic audit of the leaked video and audio tapes recorded of the meetings between Arshad Malik and Nasir Butt.

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The application also argues that the morale of the judiciary has been tainted due to the controversy and Judge Malik deserved consequences for his actions.

It is further demanded that the Judge is halted from conducting further judicial duties till the forensic audit of the audio and video are completed, the plea reads further.

The plea urges the Federal Government to issue orders for a forensic audit of the controversial tapes and bring forth facts about it and make them public.

The court asked the complainant to wait for the case to start a formal hearing to elaborate his points further to which the complainant said that he required some time to prepare and build his case.

The court paid heed to the request and adjourned proceedings till next week.

Earlier, Law experts weighed in those verdicts announced by Accountability Judge Arshad Malik will remain valid in all cases.

Speaking exclusively to ARY News, former attorney general Shah Khawar explained that the controversy around the alleged video and the verdicts of cases are two different matters. The judgments given by the judge will remain valid.

Another law expert Azhar Siddique said that the transfer of Judge Arshad Malik from the National Accountability Bureau’s Court will not affect the merits of the cases he had heard so far. However, those involved in the conspiracy of the alleged video should be charged with the contempt of court.

Barrister Masroor Shah stressed that Maryam Nawaz and other Pakistan Mulsim League Nawaz’s leaders should also submit their affidavits like the accountability judge.

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Addressing a press conference alongside top PML-N leadership on July 6, Maryam Nawaz had shown reporters a video in which accountability court judge Arshad Malik can be heard saying that there was “no proof of corruption against the deposed premier” in the Al-Azizia reference.

Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik, who sentenced former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to jail, had denied Maryam Nawaz’s allegations that the judge was blackmailed into convicting Nawaz without any evidence.



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