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Court asks Abullah’s father to prove his relation

The family court has adjourned hearing till June 15. The court has ordered that the child would stay at Edhi Center for now.

Lawyer of Iqbal had presented birth certificate of the child in the court and said Iqbal was real successor of Abdullah after his mother Haleema had died, hence he should be handed over to Chaudhry Iqbal. The lawyer said he had all the relevant documents.

Meanwhile, wife of prime suspect in Haleema murder case Rizwan, Sonia, was presented before a court after the suspect’s police remand had come to an end. The court turned down her plea for bail and ordered to send Rizwan to judicial remand for 14 days.

Earlier, Rizwan had denied his confession to Haleema’s murder.

Iqbal and his son had come to Edhi Center to take along their child, but they were denied custody by the Edhi Center.

The child’s stepbrother, Ansar Chaudhry, had said they would approach the court seeking custody once they managed to get Abdullah’s birth certificate.



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