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Court imposes ban on plying Ching-Chi rickshaws in Sindh

A bench of the SHC today in its verdict over several petitions against Ching-Chi rickshaws on the city’s roads, declared running of these rickshaws in the province a violation of Motor Vehicle Rules 1969.

More than 10 petitions were filed in the court to seek the court’s verdict over the legal position of the Ching-Chi rickshaws.

The petitioners pleaded that these rickshaws mostly run by inexperienced child drivers have caused traffic mess in the city.

Earlier, a representative of the motor-cycle rickshaw association, Akbar Khan, had filed a petition in Sindh High Court against a crackdown against Ching-Chi rickshaws in Karachi.

The court had issued a stay order against the crackdown over Ching-Chi rickshaws in year 2013.

Ching-Chi rickshaws were being plied in Karachi and other cities of Sindh without registration, number plate, route permit and payment of any taxes.

The drivers of these makeshift rickshaws do not have licenses and sometimes young boys run these rickshaws.

Karachi is perhaps the only big city of the world having an outdated public transport system with buses and wagons without road fitness licences being used as major mean of commuting in the city. Old and damaged buses unfit for running on the road being driven by illiterate and ignorant drivers mostly seen in the city.



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