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Court indicts Ayyan Ali in Customs inspector murder case

The court also told the infamous model to contact the anti-terrorism court.

Denying all the charges levelled against her and claiming that she has nothing to do with the murder case, Ms Ali said she was being dragged in the Customs inspector murder for no reason.

Earlier, an investigation officer in Ejaz Chaudhry murder case requested the court to allow the investigation team record model’s statement before the magistrate in the court. However, the court turned down the demand.

The counter terrorism department (CTD) is now investigating Ayyan Ali’s case, said the investigation officer.

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Giving statements during the case hearing today, the official said a joint investigation team (JIT) was looking into Ejaz Chaudhry’s case.

Model Ayyan Ali was detained on March 14, 2015 at the Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport, on money laundering charged following customs officials managed to recover some $506,000 from her luggage before she could possibly board a flight to Dubai.

Later a customs court indicted her for trying to illegally taking over half a million dollars in cash out of the country.

Although, she was later granted bail in July 2015 after spending almost four months in Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi.

Unknown assailants gunned down customs Inspector Ejaz Chaudhry in June 2015 at his home. His widow claimed in a petition that he was killed at the will of the model.

A non-bailable arrest warrant was also issued for the model in this case last month.



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